Monday, September 1, 2014

1. Meghs in Kolarian group

(Gazetteer of the Chamba State, part-A, 1904, published under volume- 22A, 1910.)

"The following remarks relate to certain castes found through out the state

"The minor high caste..........the menial castes in the state are numerically important for they include more than one forth of the entire population. Their names are for the most part occupational and indicate the low social position which these castes have long occupied. Some of them such as Halis and Lohars.------------" "Other castes are Bensis, Dhaugris, Dreins, MEGHS etc. Most of these castes are indigenous to hills and probably OF ABORIGINAL ORIGIN. GENERAL CUNNINGHAM WAS of opinion that the western Hills were ORIGINALLY PEOPLED BY A KOLARIAN GROUP from the same RACE as the Kols of central India. The Kolis, Dumnas, and MEGHS ARE ONLY CASTES HAVING NAMES OF AN ETHNOLOGICAL CHARACTER; but many of other castes, though now distinguished by purely occupational names, may have spring from the same source as the Kolis. We may SAFELY CONCLUDE THAT THE OLDEST STRATA AMONG THESE CASTES HAVE BEEN SETTLED IN HILLS FROM THE VERY EARLIEST TIMES. That they have in latter times received accessions from the high castes, by intermarriage and other connections, hardly admits of any doubt. Their traditions all point to this and indeed such defections are still of frequent occurrence." (Page-163)

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  1. 1. मेघ : यहाँ की आदिनिवासी कौम- इस अभिलेख में स्पष्ट किया गया है कि मेघ इस भू-भाग के आदि निवासी है। यहाँ कि विभिन्न जातियों में 'मेघ' जाति ही एकमात्र 'कौम' है। अर्थार्त मेघ जाति का नाम जातीयता या राष्ट्रीयता से पड़ा/जुड़ा है न कि पेशे से-"meghs are only castes------ethnological character". Indegenous -- aboriginal origin, etc आदि निष्कर्ष महत्वपूर्ण है। प्रजाति(Race) के लिहाज से कोलेरियन समूह में मन गया।।