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13. Meghs and femines - मेघ : दुर्भिक्षों के कारण मेघों की निम्न हुई सामाजिक हैसियत

Of Depressed Castes there were four with a strength of 36,306 souls or 9 8o per cent of the whole Hindu population Of these 35,142 were Meghvals 837 Paradhis and 161 Mes and 166 Bhangias Meghva ls also found in Sind the Ganges Provinces and Central Himalayas 1 state that in a twelve years drought in Kathiawar they became degraded by carrying and skinning dead cattle Of nine branches Bhuchiya Bhuringya Dhua Dhopra Gora Kopal Rhola Runnal and Rosya they weave cloth labour and carry dead cattle They worship goddesses They have no headman but the farmer of the tax on skinners of dead cattle is acknowledged as their head Breakers of caste rules are required to give a dinner to their priests gors These priests Garudas enjoy the revenue and are the pujdris of the snake temple at Bhujia fort see p 64 On his accession a Garuda pujdri marks the new Rao's brow with saffron and ties a turban on his head Bhangia's scavengers are said to be sprung from a certain Valam who about 2000 years ago started the profession of sweeping There are six branches Dhori Makvana Parmar Rathod Solanki and Vaghela They worship goddesses different families having different guardian deities The Paradhis and Mes half Hindu half Musalman are hunters and weavers of leaf mats A Me eats food cooked by a Musalman but a Musalman will not eat food cooked by a Me.

1 Vivien de St Martin Geog Grec et Latine de 1 Inde 209 The Meghs probably the Magians of Timur are a large part of the population of Riyasi Jammu and Aknur a pure race of low caste apparently outcaste in other places They are perhaps the Mekei of the Aryans and to them belong the Mekhowal Makvanas They claim to be Sarasvat Brahmans Cunningham Arch Rep II 13 Burnes Royal Geog Soc IV 93 speaks of the Megvars of South Thar as an aboriginal or Jat race They are probably connected with the Mehars of lower Sind and the Megharis of Baluchistan and are perhaps Pliny's 77 Megari or MegalUe and the Mokars of the Rajput chronicles Vivien de St Martin 198 Burton Sind 323 speaks of Sind Meghawars as Dheds or Meghvals tanners shoemakers and weavers found in many parts of Sind The Umarkot Meghawars were very well to do with priests 7 rar u and sacred books pothis of their own They were said to come from Malwa.

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  1. 13. मेघ : दुर्भिक्षों के कारण मेघों की निम्न हुई सामाजिक हैसियत
    सिंध में महार/मेहर, बलूचिस्तान में मेघरी/ मेघड़ी, प्लिनी के इतिहास ग्रंथों में मेगरी या मेगलुए, राजपूत युग में मोकरी या मौखरी, सिंध में मेघवार, मेघवाल या ढेढ़ आदि नामों से पुकारे जाते है। उनके अपने धर्म ग्रन्थ और पुजारी।