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15. Meghs : Magicians of Timur

Vivien de St. Martin, 198. Burtin (Sind, 323), Burnes (Royal Geog. Soc.4, 93), Cunningham and other authorities clearly speaks about Meghs of ancient race as well today's downfall.

मेघों की पदावनति में अकालों की विभीषिकाओं ने महत्वपूर्ण भूमिका निभाई-

Here, I reproduce the Narrations as appeared in "Gazetteer of Bombay Presidency- Cutch, Palanpur and Mahi kantha" for your notice and record, from pages, 80-84, of 1880. Which are self explanatory.

".....of depressed castes there were four with-----of which 35142 were Meghavals----" "----also found in Sindh , the Gangas provinces and central Himalayas, state that a twelve years' drought in Kathiawar they become degraded by the carting and skinning dead cattle, of nine branches Bhuchiya, Bhuringya, Dhua, Dhopra, Gora, Kopal, Rhola, Runnal, and Rosya. They weave cloth, labour, and carry dead cattle. They worship goddesses.

सत्ता विहीन होने के बाद मेघों का कोई प्रमुख मुखिया नहीं रह गया। "They have no headman, but the farmers -----." "Breakers of caste rule are required to give a dinner to their-----the priest Gurudas enjoy the revenue-----."

मेघ शुद्द जातीय समूह था। " Vivien de Martin Geo et Latin de l'lnde,209. The Meghs, probably the Magicians of Timur, are a large part of population of Riyasi, Jammu and Akhnur, a pure race of low caste, apparently out caste in other places."

प्राचीन इतिहास में इन्हें मेकईकहे गए-और एलेग्जेंडर के समय मेखोवाल ममे सत्तारूढ़ थे। सिन्धु-सरस्वत के निवासी होने के कारण अपने को सारस्वत ब्राह्मण बताते है। प्राचीन इतिहास में कई जगहों पर इन्हें मेगवार,मेघारी/मेघरीमेग़ल्लोए व मोकरि आदि नामों से जाने जाते थे।
भारतीय इतिहास में वर्णित मोखरी वंश उन्ही से उद्भूत।

"They are perhaps the Mekei of Aryan and to them belong the Mekhowal. They claim to be Saraswat Brahmans. Cunningham, Arch. Rep.2,13. Burnes ( Royal Geo. Soc., 4, 93 ) speaks of Megvars of South Thar as an aboriginal or jat race. They are probably connected with Mehr of lower Sindh and Megharis of Bbaluchistan. Pliny's (77) Megari or Megalloe and the Mokars of the Rajput chronicals."

"Vivien de St Martin, 198. Burton (Sindh323) speaks of Sindh meghawars as Dheds or Meghawals, tanners, shoemakers and weavers, found in many parts of Sindh. The Umarkot Meghawals were well to do, with priests, gururas, and sacred books, pothis of their own, They were said to came from Malva" (Reference: Cited as above.)

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