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16. Megh : Kings of chanehani and bilaspur

मेघों के इतिहास के बारे में अधोलिखित अंश डॉ वियोगी,नवल और डॉ एम् अनवर अंसारी की पुस्तक "the history of latter harappans and shilpkar movents (2 vols ) से उद्धृत कर रहा हूँ-
पेज-220 -- "Similarly various Thakurs of low caste of MEGH were also in power in Chanehani and Bilaspur state. Soon after Bilaspur was founded, a petty chief of MEGH caste came there from the district of Himta to solicit help of Raja agaist some of the petty chiefs around him of Rajput caste, probably Rana, who looked down on him because he was a MEGH and probably saught to disposes him. From this it is evident that in the Jammu hills also, as elsewhere , the Rajput states preceded bya Thakurian period or government by petty chiefs, called Ranas and Thakurs, some of them of low castes. Raja Bir chand (of kohlur state) deputed his younger brother Gambhir chand to proceed with an army to the help of MEGH Thakur. Who resided at a place called mantalai or old Himat in southeast of present town of Chanehani. On arrival Gambhir chand fought with and overcame the Ranas and Thakurs and the MEGH Thakur then made overall his own territory also and became a subject. Thus the chanechani state was formed."
"It is interesting to note that in ancient time among the non-Aryan native khasa naga tribe, there was a tradition to bear the title of churamani-----the crest of a crown------"page-220
Again at page 221 description follows as under- "while they were in bad days of their decline and became petty chieftains and farmers, being robbed of every thing by the Rajputs----------Ranas of MEGH low caste of Chanehani were also meted out likewise treatment from Rajputs."
Furher it adds at page 222- "Thus, they were ancient rulats and lord of this land, but during the days of their decline they were pushed to the lowest status of Hindu social system like Bharsivas and MEGHS."

REFERENCE as cited above. Publisher: GYAN PUBLISHING House, ND


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