Monday, September 1, 2014

24. R.C. Majumdar and Megh dynasty

यहाँ R C Majumdar की पुस्तक Ancient India में से यथोल्लेखित सन्दर्भ देखिये-

"Inscriptions prove that sometimes there was a matrimonial alliance between the rulers of Ahichchhatra and those of Kausambi. The names of a number of kings ruling at Kausambi are known from both coins and inscriptions. The earlier royal dynasty was probably overthrown bu kushanas. But a new dynasty arose somewhat later whose kings generally had names ending with the word Magha. It has been suggested that they BELONG TO THE MEGH DYNASTY MENTIONED IN PURANAS. They are known from coins and seals (mostly found at Bhita near Allahbad) as well as a large number of inscriptions found both at Kosam (kausambi) and Bandhogarh in Rewa state. Many of these contain dates, which are usually referred to the Saka Era. This interpreted, the dates of these kings fall in second and third century A.D."
(Reference as cited above page-127; first published in 1952.)

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