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28. Magians of Timur and Megh

others monks, mathdharis, and take recruits from all classes of Chapter III. Population. Depressed Classes. Iteghvdlt. Beggars. AtiU.

Foot note at page-82 in gazetteer of bombey---

मेघ (megh) = मगियन (magian) = मेकी (mekei) = मेग्वर (megvar) = मेघरी या मेघड़ी (meghari)= मेगरी या मेगडी (megari) = मोकर या मोकारी (mokar) मेगाल्के (megalke) = मेघवार (meghvar) = मेघवाल (meghval)

"1 Vivien de St. Martin Geog.Grec. et Latine de I'lnde, 209. The Meghs, probably the Magians of Timur, are a large part of the population of Riyasi, Jammu and Aknur, a pure race of low caste, apparently outcaste in other places. They are perhaps the Mekei of the Aryans and to them belong the Mekhowal (Makvanas). They claim to be Sarasvat Brahmans. Cunningham, Arch. Rep. II. 13. Burnes (Royal Geog. Soc. IV. 93) speaks of the Megvars of South Thar as an aboriginal or Jat race. They are probably connected with the Mehars of lower Sind and the Megharis of Baluchistan, and are, perhaps, Pliny's (77) Megari or Megalke and the Mokars of the Rajput chronicles. Vivien de St. Martin, 198. Burton (Sind 323) speaks of Sind Meghawars as Dheds or Meghvals, tanners, shoemakers and weavers, found in many parts of Sind. The Umarkot Meghawars were very well-to-do, with priests, guraran, and sacred books, pothis of their own. They were said to come from Malwa."

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