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31. Meghs and Alexander's invasion: Dominion Sindh & Punjab

निम्न अवतरण सर डेंजिल इब्बेत्सन (Sir Denzil Ibbetson) की पुस्तकजो "Panjab Castes" के शीर्षक से 1916 में लाहौर से प्रकाशित हुईसे अक्षरशः लिखा जा रहा है-
"653. The Meg (caste no. 57)- The Meg or as he is called in Rawalpindi Meng, is the Chamar of the track immediately below the Jammu Hills. But appears to be a slightly better standing than Chamar, and this superiority is doubtless owing to the fact that Meg is weaver as well as worker in leather, for we have already seen that weaving stands in the social scale a degree higher than shoe making-*Like the Chamars of the plains the Megs work as Coolies and like all hill menials they work much in the fields. General Cunningham is inclined to identify them with the Mechioi of Arrian, and has an interesting note on them at page 11f, volume-2 of his Archaeological Reports, in which he described them as inferior caste of cultivators. Who inhabitated the banks of upper Satluj at the times of Alexander's invasion, and probably gave them name of the town Makhowal. They seem at present to be almost confined to the upper valley of Ravi and Chanab, and their stronghold is the sub-montane portions of Sialkot lying between these two rivers. They are pratically Hindus."
Reference: Panjab Castes, Lahore,1916, page-333
*Fn- "In Bikaner and Sirsa a man who is pleased with a Chamar calls him Meghwal, just as he calls him Dherh if he is angry with him. The Chamars of Bagar say they are descended from Meg Rikh, who was created by Narain." (Footnote at page-333)

इस विवरण से 18वीं-19वीं शताब्दी के मेघों के जीवन और उनकी सामाजिक स्थिति आदि का सहज अनुमान लगाया जा सकता है।

उपर्युक्त पुस्तक 'Panjab Castes" से ही यह उद्धरण दिया जा रहा है-
"605. Miscellaneous entries classified under---------"
"The Dhed appears to be a separate caste in the Central Provinces though closely allied with the Chamar. But in the Panjab, as also I understand in the Central Provinces, the word is after used for any "low fellow" and specially applied to a Chamar"-297

Reference: Ibbetson- Panjab Castes,1916, page- 297.

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  1. 31. Meghs and Alexander's invasion: Dominion Sindh & Punjab