Monday, September 1, 2014

33. Megh : Dhers not eat Hogs either or wild

Glossary of Indian terms में इसके बारे में निम्न विवरण मिलाता है- "Dherh- Name of a caste in those provinces, chiefly in the Saugar territory. The name is applied to Bhangis and Chamars.* They eat dead animals, clean the skins, and sell them to chamars. In the Nagpur territory they have acquired some consideration from their employment as Dherhs."
"In the Deccan they are said to be the same as the Mahrs of Maharattas (journal of R.A.S p224) - see also the printed glossary under Dheda and Dheyr"
"In the Western Provinces, though they are now not often found in any numbers, they appear to have left the remembrance of their name, for it is a common term to call man a 'bara Dherh' or a low caste fellow"
"In Rajputana, Dherhs will not eat hogs, either tame or wild: the latter they hold in great abomination, not withstanding their Rajput masters look upon them as a luxury." Pp 80-81.
*footnote- "this word is spelled धेड in Molesworth's Marathi Dictionary, and I think this is more correct then in text. But so much uncertainty exists as to the spelling of Hindi that, in absence of a conclave of pandits, I can't venture to decide. Wilson, both in "Glossary....."and "sel. works" i 186, spells it ढेढ़- "

(Reference: Memoirs on the History, folk-lore and Distribution of Races of North Western Provinces of india" supplementary Glossary of Indian Terms. Volume- 6, by H. M. Elliot, ed by J. Beams, London,1869.)