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50. Megh : Archaeological remains in the province of Kuchh

पुरातत्व रिपोर्ट में प्राचीन पुवरा गढ़ का वर्णन है। जहाँ भी मेघों के आराध्य-स्थलों के भग्नावशेषों का जिक्र है। वे उजाड़ व बीहड़ अवस्था में थे। महादेव का जिक्र है जिसके साथ ही उसे बौद्धों के प्राचीन पेगोडा होने की बात भी की गयी है। देखें-

(3—4).—Dheds’ (धेड) Temples
Of the Dhed or Meghvals’ (मेघवाल) temples there are two, at some distance west of the fort, and quite in ruins. They are attributed to the Dheds, but from the richness of the sculpture, and the size and the kind of materials used, I am led to doubt it. One of them is built of the same kind of stone, that I have just described, on a platform 70 feet long and 50 feet wide. The corners of the platform had also temples on them, now thrown down. The foundation of the platform is 15 feet high and as many wide, of large blocks of stone with mouldings. There appear to have been two domed porches in front of the shrine, one of which still stands, while the other is fallen down. The pillars are 10 feet high, square and round in form, and the dome is of excellent workmanship. Under the central dome there was apparently an Agnikund. The shrine is 10 feet square; the jamb is full of human figures. As it was overgrown with thorn bushes, I could not take proper measurements. It was, I believe, a Shiva. temple. In the niches there were idols, but too weather-worn to be distinguished. The other temple must have been a small one on a platform 20 feet broad, and built of stones, some of which are dove-tailed. This is all in ruins.
(Reference: Report on the Architectural and Archaeological Remains in the Province of Kachh By: Dalpatram Pranjivan Khakhar, Sir Alexander Burnes and James Burgess, Govt press, 1874, page 19.)

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