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54. Megh : Rebells in Sindh in 1857- Gazetteer

सिंध में अछूतों ने किया था 1857 का विद्रोह

(1) A rebellion took place in 1859, in the Nagar Parkar district (now a portion of the Thar and Parkar) which was put down by a force sent from Haidarabad, under the command of Colonel Evans. It resulted in the capture of the Rana and his minister, both of whom were tried in the following year, and sentenced, the former to fourteen, and the latter to ten years transportation. It was in May, 1859, that the Commissioner was nominated a Civil Knight Commander of the Bath, and in the following month of August, Sir Bartle Frere was appointed a member of the Supreme Council at Calcutta, Mr. J. D. Inverarity, of the Bombay Civil Service, being selected to succeed him in the Commissionership of Sindh. - (गज़ेटियर ऑफ प्रोविंस ऑफ सिंध,1879, पृष्ठ-563)

(2) In 1859 a rebellion took place in the Thar and Parkar, necessitating the despatch of a military force under Colonel Evans from Haidarabad to quell it. This officer in the month of May of that year occupied the town of Nagar Parkar, and captured the Rana, driving back in the following month a large body of Kolis, who had ventured to attack the place. The Rana, with his minister, were in 1860 both tried for sedition, and convicted, the former being sentenced to 14 years', and the latter to 10 years' transportation. From that period down to the present the Political Superintendency of the Thar and Parkar has enjoyed peace and quietness, and a new stimulus has been given to agricultural exertion in the Umarkot and Nara districts by the improvements which during the past twelve years have been effected in the Eastern Nara by the construction of the Mithrau canal and the opening out of numerous branches and distributing channels from both these streams. This state of things has, however, at times been disturbed by the attacks of epidemic disease and famine, which in some instances have been very severely felt. This was especially the case in the year 1869, when cholera of a severe type visited the Thar and Parkar, occasioning a very heavy mortality among the people of this scantily populated district; but, notwithstanding these visitations, this portion of the province of Sindh must be considered to be in a thriving condition, a fact which is conclusively borne out by the gradual increase in the yearly revenue obtained by the Government. 
(गज़ेटियर ऑफ प्रोविंस ऑफ सिंध,1879, पृष्ठ-839)

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