Wednesday, September 3, 2014

61. Megh : Population of sindh & their status

"The Sindees being all Moslems, no distinction of caste, properly speaking, exists amongst them. The Koree (weaver), Dedh, and Chamar (workmen in leather), Chuhro, and Bale-Shahee (sweepers), and Dapher or Shikaree (huntsmen), however, as in all Musulman countries, are considered low and vile. They always marry into their own trades, and the two latter are not generally suffered to live inside the villages and towns. Among the Dapher or Shikarees, a curious custom prevails : although Moslems, they eat carrion, live in the different Shikargahs, and are not allowed to enter a mosque. When, however, one of this class wishes to become a good Musulman, he lights four fires, and stands in the middle till sufficiently purified by the heat: the Kazee then causes him to bathe, and put on fresh clothes, and finally teaches him the Kalmeh. He then enters into the Machhi class."

(Reference; 'Population of sindh' By R F Burton, 1847, pages 643-644 in memoirs of shikarpoor)

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