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62. Megh : Followers of Kabir during composition of the Ras Mala (geneology of Gujarat kings)

Description in Ras Mala, page-538
Persons who perform duties which are considered to be menial are classed as Shoodras, — such as barbers, link-bearers, washermen, and others. The aboriginal tribes, Bheels, Koolees, Meenas, Mairs, and others, are jilso Shoodras, as are the classes sometimes considered to be outcaste. With these, difference of occupation constitutes (rr' difference of caste. In the territories of Hindoo chiefs, Shoodras are - \v, not permitted to abandon their hereditary occupations, nor are they allowed to dress themselves in handsome clothes, or to build houses of the better class. In former days, the lowest castes were wholly excluded from the towns, and compelled to exhibit a distinguishing dress.1 The Shoodras have, notwithstanding, their bards and genealo- lV ■ gists, who feed their vanity with the assertion that they were originally v: Ksjiutrgeyas. Even the outcastes bear the surnames of Chohan,' ! Waghela, and others, and are attended by the Toorees, as their minstrels, and the Gurodhas, as their family priests, which latter wear an \\ h imitation of the badge of the regenerate, and assert themselves to be ,« ■ of the blood of the Brahmins. The outcastes are, as to religion, \ \v* frequently followers of Kubeer, who proclaimed the, to them acceptable, doctrine that one caste was in no way different from another. Even these, however, are subdivided into Dhers and Olganas, of k- * \u whom the former would be defiled and excommunicated were they to eat with the latter. Lastly, it is necessary to observe, that even the Olgana is still a Hindoo, and superior, as such, to a Mlech, or one, f who is not a Hindoo. A Mohummedan sovereign, as the story goes, asked his Hindoo minister which was the lowest caste of all. The minister begged for leisure to consider his reply, and having obtained y V it, went to where the Dhers lived, and said to them, " You have "given offence to the padishah. It is his intention to deprive you" of caste, and make you Mohummedans." The Dhers, in the great est terror, posted off in a body to the sovereign's palace, and standing at a respectful distance, shouted at the top of their lungs, "If we've" offended your majesty, punish us in some other way than that." Beat us, fine us, hang us if you like, but don't make us Mohummedans." The padishah smiled, and turning to his minister, who sat by affecting to hear nothing of the matter, said, "So the lowest" caste is that to which I belong I"

(Reference Ras Mala,page-538, As Ref given earlier.)

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  1. 62. Megh : Followers of Kabir during composition of the Ras Mala (geneology of Gujarat kings)