Sunday, September 7, 2014

67. Bhakt

"Butchers. There are two classes of them ; one Hin doo, and the other Mohomedan. The former kill only sheep ami goats ; the cow is considered sacred by them. Tiie latter mostly kill cows, and this beef is sold to Mohomedans, who eat also mutton and goat's flesh. Mutton and goat's flesh arc eaten by Hindoos, excepting a few Brahmins, Baniyas, and some others of the other classes who bind themselves with a vow never to tastes flesh ; these are called Bhakts, which literally means Saints, but is now in common language understood to mean an abstainer from flesh. Such a man is considered as possessed of an eminent degree of piety. Compared with Mohomedans, Hindoos use animal food very sparingly."

Reference: "Domestic Manners and Customs of the Hindoos of Northern India" By: Baboo Ishuri Dass, Medical Hall, Benares, 1860, page-56

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