Sunday, September 7, 2014

69. Bhakt/Bhagat

"The castes below that of the writers have not much of a showy religion ; indeed they may almost be said to have none. On this account, however, they are not worse than those people of the higher castes who make loud professions of it ; but on the whole better, be: cause having no cloak to cover their crimes, they are more plain hearted and generally more honest. There are some men among them here and there who, all their life time, abstain from taking even a single mouthful of meat ; they keep beads and count them and repeat the names of some gods. By doing this, and more particularly by abs;aining from meat, and doing two or three other trifling things, which people of their castes do not and which we shall just mention, they are called Bhakts or Saints."

(Reference: "Domestic Manners and Customs of the Hindoos of Northern India" By: Baboo Ishuri Dass, Medical Hall, Benares, 1860, page-85-86)

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