Tuesday, September 9, 2014

71. Dogra Megh - डोगरा मेघ

"DOGRA, a term applied to any inhabitant of the Dugar des, whatever his caste, but more especially to the Hindu Rajputs of the region. Brahmans also are included in the term, as are Rathis and Thakurs (as Rajputs), but not Ghirths or Kanets."
"According to Drew (Jammu and Kashmir Territories, pp-43 et. seq.) There are two lakes near Jammu, the Saroin sar and Man Sar, and the country between them was called in Sanskrit Drigarh desh or the country between the two hollows. This was currupted into Dugar. Drew divide the Dogra of Jammu hills into Brahmans, Rajputs (including the Mians and working Rajputs), Khatris, Thakurs, Jats, Banyas and Kirars (petty shopkeepers), Nais, Jiurs (carriers), Dhiyars (iron-smelters), MEGHS and Dums..." page-246

(Reference: A Glossary of Tribes and Castes of Punjab and North West Frontier Province based on the Census Report for the Punjab by Sir Denzil Ibbetson & Census Report for Punjab 1892 by Maclagan and compiled by H. A. Rose, Volume- 2, Lahore,1911, page-246.)

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