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81. Megh and Megwah - मेघ और मेघवाह

मरिअन्ने पोस्टंस ( Marianne Postans) कच्छ के कई इलाकों में घूमीफिरी और उसने उस बारे में बहुत कुछ लिखा भी है। उसकी 1937 में लिखी एक पुस्तकजिसका 1939 का संस्करण मैंने पढ़ाउसमें उसने आज के मेघ या मेघवालों के लिए Megwah शब्द प्रयुक्त किया है। उसकी पुस्तक से कुछ पंक्तियाँ नीचे संदर्भित की जा रही है- page-108
"------- . cious, and the hares were seen to attack the dogs instead of fleeing from their pursuit. Moreover, snakes in great numbers came to Bhoojeiah; and at last the Rao, finding so fair and favourite a place becoming a desert region, ordered the people to clear the hill of Bhoojeiah, and build on it a strong fort. The workmen, endeavouring to obey the Rao’s commands, were harassed by the attacks of the snakes and other animals which infested the hill, and many died. At length, a Megwah,* a wealthy man about the Rao, found the great Cobra, who told him, that his power should prevent all progress in the work, unless his dwelling were held sacred, and his power worshipped on Bhoojeiah. The Megwah pledged himself to observe these conditions. Accordingly, the fort was soon completed, and a small tower built over the dwelling, and dedicated to the worship of the Naga, or snake, as described. The festival is annually attended by the Rao of Cutch, accompanied by his chiefs and dependants. The performance of the sacrifice is a privilege in the family of the Megwah. The present officiating priest, who is his blood descendant, receives a monthly stipend of icoories, ghee, sugar, and grain; and, at the anniversary of the Naga Pachami, he is presented with new clothes and other largesses."

CITCH, By: Marianne Postans

Publisher: Smith, Experience & Co Cornhell, London, 1839, page-108.

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