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84. Meghs the Kolarian connection - मेघ और कोलारियन संबंध

WilLiam Urwick कोलारियन जातीय समूह के बारे में "Indian Pictures" में लिखते है-
"I. The Early Non-Aryan Races, divided into three great groups : the Thibeto- Burmans, the Kolarians, and the Dravidians. (a) The THIBETO-BURMANS occupy the Himalayas, and include many mountain tribes akin in feature and in tongue to the Chinese. (6) The Kolarians, supposed to have come in through the mountain passes, are now scattered on the rugged mountains, in the wide jungles and pathless forests, scattered remains of a primitive population, fierce, black, undersized, muscular, with no written literature their only monuments stone slabs, flints, and mounds. Of these the chief tribes are the Sotitdls, and the Khands. They were called by their conquerors Dyasus "foes," and Dosas "slaves." (c) The Dravidians, who also came through the mountain passes, forced their way on in a compact phalanx till they found a secure and permanent resting-place in the south. They attained a high state of civilisation long before the Aryan invasion. Their chief languages, polished and cultivated, are the Telugu — melodious as Italian — the Tamil, rich in its literature, the Canarese, and the Malayalam. II. The Aryans, "nobles," as the word means, the wide-spread Indo-European race, whose western branch extends over Greece, Rome, Germany, and England. They, in turn, entered India by the north-west passes, speaking the stately Sanscrit, driving the inferior hordes before them, and finding a permanent home in the great River Plains. The very name of their great works, the Vedas, links them on with ourselves ; — Veda, olSa, videre, wit and wisdom. They soon asserted their supremacy over the earlier peoples ;-----" introduction page -ix
"INDIAN PICTURES"-drawn with pen and pencil
By Rev. William Urwick

Publisher: Religious Track Society, Piccadilly. Page-9(introduction) Year of publication before 1882 AD.

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