Monday, June 29, 2015

118 - ढेढवाडा

ढेढवाडा-17वी 18वी shatabdi me Buddh stahalo ko dhedhwada ke naam se pukara jata tha. Yah brhamano dwara Buddh sthalo ke liye prti najariya tha.

Isaka vivaran aur ullekh kayi kitabo me hua hai. Mai yaha par ek sandarbh de Raha hun.

"The first few Buddha caves are popularly as the Dhedawada. Or low caste' quarter, and though Dr. J. Wilson supposed this might have originated as a nick name given in sarcasm by the Brahmans, and from similarity of sound to 'Theravada', or the quarter of the Theros or Buddha priests, yet -as probably in a majority of cases the Buddha converts were made from Dhedas and other partially aboriginal low-caste tribes- the name of Dhedawada may have been quite correctly applicable to the Buddha series of caves from the first. Or, as the caves have evidently been inhabited long after they ceased to be used for religious purposes, these may have been appropriated by Dheds."

James Burgees,
'The Rock Temples of ELURA OR VERUL',
Education Society's Press, Byculla, Bombay. Publication year 1877 pp- 10-11

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