Tuesday, April 26, 2016

156. Megh leaders during freedom struggle

Sh. Sant Ram , popularly known as Sant Ram, B.A., founder of Jat-Pat Todak Mandal, who invited Baba saheb Dr Ambedkar at Lahore to deliver a lecture, his efforts failed due to opposition of other members of organizing committee, but later on Baba saheb published his lecture, now popularly known as Annihilation of Caste- a historical work.

6. Shri Sant Ram B.A. ( His birthday falls on 14th Feb,2016  )                      
      Shri Sant Ram B.A. a Dalit( Megh) by caste was born on 14th Feburary 1887 at Puranni Bassi Hoshiarpur( Punjab).He had studied up to B.A. and there after devoted himself for Dalit upliftment social work. He was also a devoted Arya Samaji sect of Soami Dayanand Saraswati. To abolish caste system he worked to establish his own organization “Jat-Pat- Todak Mandal”. One of the plank of his organization was to promote inter caste marriages and to get abolished caste system from with in the Depressed classes. Since Arya Samajis did not co-oprate with Jat-Pat Todakl Mandal ideals, so Sh.Sant Ram  made it an independent organization to continue his efforts for  achieving  his set goals.

Shri Sant Ram invited Dr.Ambedkar to preside over  1936 annual convention  of the Jat-Pat Todak Mandal to be held at Lahore and also deliver his presidential address. Dr.Ambedkar wrote the Presidential address,but the Mandal  committee wanted some changes in it,to which Dr. Ambedkar did not agree. The convention was cancelled and the presidential address was published by Baba sahib as “Annihilation of Caste” in 1936 itself and this book is considered as one of the best books written by the author. It has gone into so many reprints since then. Sant Ram himself translated into Hindi and published in the Kranti  an Urdu monthly magazine. Sant Ram authored many books as well. He breathed his last on 5th June 1988.

155. Meghs of Punjab and Christian faith

       पंजाब में ईसाइयत का प्रवेश सन् 1834 में हुआ माना जाता है। ईसाई धर्म का प्रचार और प्रभाव शहरी पढ़े लिखे लोगों में हुआ और कई लोगों ने इस धर्म को स्वीकार किया। मेघ लोगों का आर्य समाज दवारा आर्य या हिन्दू बनाये जाने से पूर्व सियालकोट में ईसाई मिशनरियों का कार्य प्रारम्भ हो चुका था। प्रथम बार सन् 1866 में सियालकोट के ज़फरवाल इलाके के आस-पास के मेघों ने ईसाई धर्म को स्वीकार किया। उसके बाद 1871 व् 1884 में भी मेघों ने ईसाई धर्म को स्वीकार किया। सं 1884 में 59 लोगों ने इसाइयत स्वीकार की। (Reference: Fredrick and Margaret Stock: People movements in the Punjab with special reference to the United Presbyterian Church,  South Pasadena, William Carey Library, 1975, 33-47)
See also, Punjabi Christians by John C.B.Webester, Union Theological Seminar,, New York City.
      इसके बाद आर्य समाज की स्थापना हो गयी और आर्य समाज ने उनका वैदिकीकरण करके हिन्दू धर्म में मिलाया। आर्य समाज और मेघ पर मेरी पोस्ट देखें