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160. Social Status of Meghs in J&K

Know your history: Social status of Meghs in the state of Kashmir and Jammu in the past centuries
It remain as similar as prevailed in Marwar during that period. For Marwar, see Marwar Mardumshumari, 1891.

Here I am quoting word to word as written in Census of Kashmir in the year of  1901

      "19. None of the low castes, such as Meghs, Dooms, Chamars, etc., is allowed to enter the court-yard of a Hindu temple, nor any Hindu would liketo come in contact with them.

20. All the members of the castes named in the foregoing paragraph liveoutside the village, have their own wells and tanks to take water from, and haveto give warning of their approach to or keep out of the way of the high classHindus.

21. Amongst all the low castes, Meghs stand first; they do not touchDooms, Chamars, sweepers and Sansis. If they accidentally happen to do so,they wash themselves. Their caste principles are nearly the same as those ofother Hindus. They receive cash or dry substances from the above mentionedlow castes for performing their religious ceremonies ; and draw water with theirown vessels. But instead of the Brahmans the Meghs perform the dutiesconnected with the religious ceremonies of the low castes, while Gurus attendto all such rites amongst (he Bhikis or beggar class.)"  Page --78

Census of India, vol-23,
census of Kashmir, 1901 report-1, page-78
The civil and military Gazette press, Lahore, 1902

In regard to land ownerships,
status of caste is shown as in descending page 80

"Status in relation to the land.
(a) With regard to ownership—

1. Brahman. 5. Charak. 9. Langeh,
2. Thakkar. 6. Bahoo. 10. Baghal.
3. Manhas. 7. Jat. 11. Rakwal.
4. Rajputs. 8. Salehria. 12. Other castes.

(b) With regard to cultivation—
1. Brahman. 8. Charak. 15. Carpenters.
2. Jat. 9. Bahoo. 16. Meghs.
3. Kamboh. 10. Salebria. 17. Dooms.
4. Sanis. 11. Langeh. 18. Chamars.
5. Thakkar. 12. Baghal. 19. Bawarias.
6. Labana, 13. Rakwal. 20. Other castes."
7.Manhas  14. Blacksmith     Page- 80

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