Monday, February 13, 2017

161. Meghwal in the census of Jaipur state-1911

know your history from the census reports.

MEGHWALs in the Census of Jaipur state-1911 are disdussed under the heading of 'Balais' on various pages of the census report..

 At page no. 237, appendix no.1 is given wherein brief notes on certain castes and sub-castes are given. After Description of Aggarwals and Ahirs, at page no.238 a brief note has been given on Balais, which says as under:

                    '' Balais "
     1. MEGHWAL.
     2. KHANGAR.

'Both are separate endogamaous groups.'

'The Meghwals are more numerous than the other group.'
'They admit people of higher castes into their caste.'
'They have separate Panchayats.'

   After that a note is also given on 'CHAMARS' as under :

1. Raigars.
2. Chamars.'
 it is stated that 'They are separate endogamous groups. Formarly Chamars alone used to skin the dead carcasses of animals, but now the Raigars also do so.'
'Chamar marry the wife of the elder brother, but the Raigars abstain from doing so.'
'They have separate Panchayats'



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