Wednesday, February 15, 2017

162. In the area of Sirohi/Abu, Meghs were called Bhambis and Dhers.

Know your history from Gazetteers

In the area of Sirohi/Abu, Meghs were called Bhambis and Dhers.( see the GAZETTEER OF SIROHI AND MOUNT )

It has a running comment on it  in the Rajputana gazetteer volume-3, under the heading of 'village revenue officials.' It says as under:

"The principal village officials are the thanadar, the bhalownia and the banbi. The thanadars have charge of the police arrangements of the village. They are all Rajputs. In a few of the largest villages, such as Rohira, Pindwara, &c., there is a kind of naib thanadar called kanwaria. The bhalownias are all of the banya class, and are in Raj employ. Their duties correspond to those of patwaris in other districts. The banbis are Chamars or Dhers : they act as a sort of assistants to the thanadars, see to getting guides, coolies, supplies, &c., to travellers; run on messages, &c. Thanadars are paid wages at from five to fifteen rupees a month. The bhalownias are not paid regular wages in cash, but receive food and cleaning; and they and the thanadars both get shares of the produce in grain, varying according to circumstances. Banbis are generally paid a small sum annually in cash, and get shares of grain. The principal village servants are the carpenter, blacksmith, potter, currier and barber. Their remuneration also consists of a share of the grain from each house of the cultivating class, varying according to circumstances, which is given previous to the division of the produce." Page 120-121


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